"Excellence should NEVER be in moderation." - Master Chris Malarkey, 5th Dan



Q: I've never practiced martial arts or boxing before. Do I need any prior experience to be successful training with you? What do I need to get started?

A: One of the finer aspects of my individualized program is that you don't need ANY prior experience or even an athletic background to get started. All one needs to bring is a positive attitude & an open mind; I take care of installing the rest. 


Q: Do you teach virtually/remotely?

A: Yes. I teach via Zoom, FaceTime, & WhatsApp to provide as much opportunity for anyone to learn from anywhere in the world at an agreed upon time. ***Note: PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL***


Q: I'm older and have long-standing issues with my flexibility and overall conditioning. Does your training improve these areas?

A: It's never too late to start! I continue to successfully train students from different walks of life over the entire life spectrum as young as 2 1/2 to 75 yrs. YOUNG. Read that again. It's all a mindset. My unique training methods including a combination of Taekwon-Do, Hap Ki-Do, Judo, and boxing will not only well round your self-defense capabilities, you will also find yourself improving in areas outside of practice in your daily life. Training with me is infectious and the flexibility you are looking for physically will manifest itself mentally and spiritually as well. 


Q: Can I take a trial class?

A: FREE Introductory classes are 15 mins. long. Contact me privately @ [email protected] 


Q: Are your classes tapered for the individual or a general, formal class environment?

A: ALL of my classes are specifically designed & formatted around the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and needs. I never teach any 2 people the same way. In my 28 years of martial arts experience, I've taught tens of thousands of classes and over thousands of students ranging from a room consisting of over 100 black belts, to private classes with students of all ages and varying capabilities. Irregardless of experience, I guarantee long lasting results, fun while you're learning, & transparency. 


Q: Do I have to get a black belt?

A: Getting a black belt should be your goal, but the JOURNEY is much more important than the belt itself. I formally & informally train (for those unsure of whether they want to pursue the formal practice = uniform + belt) but for those who have trained on that path they have found it quite rewarding. Black belt is a crystallization of a strong foundation of techniques and basics  with many hours of repetition. A black belt is someone who's consistent, committed, and conscious of their growth but also the work that lies ahead of them in the path of continued personal improvement and growth.  This can also be applied to your life; after training with me you will seek to be a "black belt" in all things you do, whether you're a parent, business owner, student, 9-5er, etc. My goal is to maximize YOUR individual potential.


Q: Where do you train?

A: I accommodate my students by traveling to them, working outdoors due to COVID-19, or indoors with an abundance of ventilation and a heavily sanitized environment with safety & mask protocols.


Q: Can I pay for a month or several months of classes?

A: Absolutely! My pricing program is simple, straightforward, and easily available via e-mail in the "Contact" section of my page. All monthly packages are special and include classes 2x a week at a mutually agreed upon time. 

Q: Why choose you? Aren't there a other martial arts schools in my area?

A: That's a great question! Please refer to my "Testimonials" page located in the various tabs on my website (link down below)


Q: Do you offer any group lessons/classes?

A: I strongly encourage and recommend learning with a friend or family member! Training with those you care about/love/vibe with is part of what makes the experience so qualitative. In my time, I've trained hundreds of families, neighbors, close friends, children, & the like who have all enjoyed class that much more training hard beside someone they knew. When you schedule your lesson with me, BRING A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER!


Q: What can I expect my children to learn from training with you?

A: Having been formally & traditionally trained by arguably the best in the world, my approach to teaching namely cements personal, inward & outward self- discipline and focus. My pedagogy is a synthesis of working with students to both produce fast, fun, quality results while keeping the student(s) highly engaged, purposefully thinking, and self/environmentally aware. I hold EVERY student accountable for their own progress and mistakes while being sure to reward and acknowledge them for their successes. Ultimately, what every student learns is directly correlative to what he/she pours in to the lessons but are carefully guided by me in a direction nothing short of excellence.