"Excellence should NEVER be in moderation." - Master Chris Malarkey, 5th Dan


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"I'm thankful for my teacher Master Malarkey. Not only am I learning the proper form and techniques of Taekwon-Do, I'm also getting stronger, more physically fit, as well as mentally fit. I'm making so much progress in my life that transcends beyond martial arts. I'm super excited to continue this journey and see where it leads me. Salute Master Malarkey!"

- Illa J, aka John Yancey, Celebrity/Producer/Musician & brother of the late hip-hop producer "J Dilla"

"Chris Malarkey is an amazing friend and an even bettter martial artist. He is what you would call a true master of his craft. Having a fifth degree black belt in TKD, he excels in every aspect of the fight game. He has helped me in several training camps for my kickboxing fights. Not only has he established and made a name for himself in TKD, he also is very knowledgeable in the boxing aspect of the fight game, and learning grappling as well. I trust this man and his teachings in everything whether it be strictly boxing, TKD, or kickboxing; you're learning from the best."

Dwayne Holman, #1 Kickboxer in the world/ISKA North Americas World Champion

" Master Malarkey is the epitome of professinal and grasps the mental part of Taekwon-Do/life better than anyone I've ever encountered. His mental fortitiude combined with his athletic ability is second to none.

Being a fellow coach I can spot the best. I've worked with Master Malarkey personally and he's the best! you and your children couldn't pick a better role model on your journey of optimal health, fitness, and wellness!"

Coach Mike Smith,
  Owner/Operator of THE Adventure Health & Fitness Gym

"Thank you Master Malarkey for being a positive force in my kids lives over the past few years. We moved away but managed to find our way back to you. You teach them disicpline while having fun. You encourage discipline while having fun. You encourage them to do better and never give up. We appreciate all that you do and look forward to many more years of training with you!"

Tiffany Jones
Famous singer from the R&B group "Shades"

“I worked with Master Malarkey for over 7 years. His strict attention to detail made me strive to work harder and push myself past my limits. His training sessions not only taught me how to kick harder and punch faster, but how to seriously respect and hone the art of Tae Kwon Do. "


- Imke Hart, Actress

"My four  year-old took her first class with Master Malarkey, who was my son's teacher for a number of years. We already knew and trusted his experience  and skills to engage a person of any age. The class was one hour long, During this time my daughter broke some sweat, laughed out loud, got acquianted with the essential kicks and punches, and practiced self-defense. Few four year olds would be engaged for a whole hour. Malarkey did it. High energy, warrior energy and, as she would say, "so much fun!" Master Malarkey is thoughful about child development as he is mindful of the strengths and needs of adult learners. In one session he is able to differentiate his approach on the spot.  As a mother of a black child, I am especially glad that self-defense and high energy workout is a priority."

- Luda Bryzzheva, Parent and University Professor

“Starting TKD in 2005 with Master Malarkey as the head instructor has been a phenomenal  experience. He really teaches with a passion and is truly dedicated to his craft. Master malarkey has over 20 years of traditional TKD experience . Master Malarkey’s TKD philosophy is not only useful on the mat but in everyday life as well. “


- Master Michael Chancey, Public School Educator



"As parents of 2 girls, understanding how to protect themselves while building lifelong characteristics of integrity, honor, personal self worth and confidence were important to us. We turned to Master Malarkey to help us create strong and confident girls who would never see a barrier to reach their full potentials.


Chris worked with both of them, as students and one on one. Some of the most important learnings they shared have stayed with them well into their teenage years. Martial arts isn’t about “fighting” but it’s about knowing yourself and what you are fully capable of achieving. It tests you mentally, physically and psychologically. You train with students twice / thrice your age often and learn to overcome quickly that a student is a student, regardless of age and experience. And in the end, Chris has made positive life altering views for our girls who never back down from challenges and exemplify self worth, self discipline and self respect."


- Davitt Family


"Master Christopher Malarkey is by far one of the most dedicated and inspirational teachers that I have ever met. I watched from the sidelines; his skill and teachings inspiring my kids to build on their self-esteem , confidence and preparing them on a physical path to bettering their health. 

Not only did he focus on the craft and knowledge of their martial arts training, he also focused on their education outside of his teachings. He made it a point to his students he wasn’t just there for a physical teaching but a mental one as well. He inspired kids to read and study,  respect their parents and peers and to be a support system to their family and friends. I personally am proud of him for all his accomplishments and integrity, to who he is, what he is doing and what’s to come. It is an honor to have him as a teacher and friend, better yet family."


- Cuevas Family


"I first met Master Malarkey as a competitor, not as an instructor.   I was practicing at a sister school in manhattan, and squared off against him in an intra-school competition.  He was tall, fast, athletic, and strong; all helpful things in a Tae Kwon Do match.  A Few years later I joined the Do Jang where he was then teaching.  At that point I realized that he had added two additional, even more valuable, tools to his repertoire: wisdom and experience.  Fortunately for my well-being, we never again faced off during a competition, and my sparing matches with him were limited to some (occasionally intense) mid-class rounds. In the first competitions we fought, Master Malarkey was successful largely on physical skill alone; being the best athlete in the room has its advantages.  But he was also predictable, relying on flashy kicks and techniques that showcased his athletic ability. Knowing that you’re the best athlete in the room naturally leads a student to depend largely on that skill.  When I encountered him a little while later, his approach was different.  Better.  Less predictable.  More effective.  Achieving the desired result with less energy wasted.  An altogether better fighter.



A good tae kwon do instructor needs not only to teach, but to provide a model, motivate, and inspire. As I joined his do-jang as a senior student, I was less often a direct pupil of Master Malarkey’s, and more of an assistant teacher.  That position allowed me to observe how a successful instructor runs a class and a school.  With an energy that naturally inspires students to emulate. With a loud and clear voice that demands attention and focus.  With a discipline that asks the same of everyone in the class.  With a confidence that doesn’t stray into ego. 


- Master Ed Meyer, 4th dan Glen Ridge, NJ



"I have a 5 year old energetic son that desperately needs physical activity. Our pandemic made this a very hard task. When I learned that my son could learn martial arts virtually I was ecstatic. Master Malarkey was very patient with my son’s initial lack of focus and taught him so much in a short 30 minute time frame. His patience with my son was invaluable. If you have kids or know someone with young children in need of a new real life applicable activity, this is it!"




“Master Malarkey was one of the biggest influences on my starring demeanor. I’m 6”2 and 225 lbs; Chris showed me how to work hard and come strong but meter and control my power. Master Malarkey is the definition of a work to win attitude, well balanced with making it fun. Thank you for making me a better fighter and perhaps more importantly a thoughtful and patient father.”


 - Matthew Schaefer



"Master Malarkey is an outstanding martial arts instructor. Physically skilled and keenly observant, he is very quick to watch a student and determine exactly what they need to focus on to correct an issue. He was crucial to my development in sparring, including physical skills like balance and agility; anticipation and timing, and mental control. His constant study and contemplation across a variety of martial art styles give him a unique perspective. His charisma and enthusiasm are highly motivating. I feel completely confident recommending him to anyone interested in practicing martial arts, from a total beginner up through a serious aspiring fighter. He is knowledgeable, reliable, upstanding, and dedicated.”


- Lauren Spooner


“There are many words I can use to describe Master Malarkey. If I had to choose one (which would be difficult) It would be cognizant; this sums up his many qualities of working with people. As a teacher to my children I’m extremely happy with the interaction he has with them.. they’re eager and willing to freely learn to what he has to offer. After their sessions I can hear them still speaking about what they’ve learned for the day and still continue to practice on each other. I’ve listened in on many sessions of how he chooses the right words to get them to learn correct form and to be attentive to what needs to be done. Also, the encouragement to let them know they can do it and to reward them with acknowledgment after the task has been achieved. As a human, Master Malarkey’s spirit is always at Peace - this is a plus for the fact that he makes sure his energy is transitioning to my children during class or in person. I would definitely recommend all to get to know Master Malarkey even if it isn’t to learn the arts (but you should) he’s willing to give your children the necessary support that can be given from a different prospective."


- Ray Jones, Legacy1Enterprises


“When our daughter started Taekwon-do at age 5, Master Malarkey was her first instructor.  At 15, as a second degree black belt and assistant instructor, he is still one of the first people she looks to have on her sideline when she spars.  He also saw our son's first day two years later, helping guide him on his journey to a junior blackbelt.


 Beyond learning physical skills, the values of discipline, hard work, respect, and helping others modelled by Master Malarkey are now reflected in our children at the dojang, at school, at their other activities, and in their friendships.  As a teacher he successfully strikes a balance between challenging his students to push their limits and meeting them where they are at with encouragement and compassion. As a student he demonstrates the value of ongoing learning with a passion that is contagious.  We consider ourselves fortunate to have Master Malarkey as part of our Taekwon-do family.”


- Stahl Family


"Having competed in tournaments with Master Malarkey, I can attest that his technical skills are outstanding. I am continually impressed with his passion and dedication for Taekwon-Do and the martial arts. I do not hesitate to recommend him as an instructor and as a martial artist.”


- Dr. Jim De Carli, Southbury TKD


“While I’ve only known Master Chris Malarkey for a relatively short period of time - I have gotten to know him from the  unique perspective of student as opposed to instructor. Let me preface this by saying  that there is often quite a lot of lip service paid in the martial arts world in regards to humility and constant self-improvement. But I can say with confidence that Master Malarkey truly embodies these principles. The hardest thing to do as a Black Belt ... is to put on a White Belt and empty your cup. Master Chris was a dedicated, respectful, and conscientious student, and this ironically informs my opinion of him as a teacher even more profoundly. The interactions between him and his students that I have witnessed have displayed both patience and passion for the martial art he represents and trust and inspiration from those who look to him for guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend him as an instructor.”


- Christian Montes, Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black Belt & Owner of Ronin Athletics, NYC Ronin Atheltics NYC

“Master Malarkey stands alone as a paragon of dedication and excellence in the field of Taekwondo.

In my 20 plus years in martial arts I have never seen a 5th Dan instructor with his uncanny ability to get the most out of his students at every juncture of their training motivating both adults and children to higher levels of achievement.

If I had a child interested in learning the martial arts I would look no further than Master Malarkey! 


He is great teacher, a fierce competitor and winner in every sense of the word!”


- Henry J. Watkins, International & Global Travel Advertising Director (formerly featured in Black Enterprise Magazine)


"With Master Chris Malarkey we connected first through social media and following each other's activities for a long time, since I live and work in martial arts and fitness in Europe. We had amazing conversations about our TKD and boxing experiences throughout our lives; we both have exercised since a very young age and have both taught for many years.


Then we had an amazing, interesting interview (hosted by Master Malarkey) with my instructor, Grandmaster Alexandris and myself. I understood his knowledge, spirit and love for martial arts - an intelligent , skillful instructor is always thirsty for more knowledge!


His podcast "Mastery" is a very strong foundation to unite all martial artists and present their different path and love for their art!


I hope soon we will get the opportunity to meet and train together. Master Malarkey is the only one that made my instructor, who is worldwide famous in TKD ITF, give his first online interview!


The admiration and respect is mutual. Taekwon!"


- Master Natasa Manavaki 7th degree TKD ITF, boxing & fitness international instructor Thessaloniki, Greece


"When it comes to Excellence, Discipline, Determination, and skill set like no other, Master Chris Malarkey will show you the way to becoming more confident in one’s ability and understanding of martial arts! Not only to be for self defense, but a way of life!"


- Avonte Herrod, AV General Contracting


“I signed my son up for Taekwon-Do hoping he would increase his athleticism, coordination, and self-control. A year later, with the help of Master Malarkey, he has not only improved in these areas, he’s improved in his sense of belonging, responsibility, and overall confidence. 

Thank you so much to an amazing teacher and role model who keeps his students accountable for their actions thus allowing them to help each other and be role models for one another as well.”


- Kareen Vargas-Colon


“Master Malarkey is an incredible instructor. He has extensive experience teaching all levels of students and is a great role model for kids. My son has benefited immensely from his instruction and guidance.”


- DarkFalcon Gaming


“Chris embodies everything that martial arts should be. He is an unbelievable instructor and an even better role model for kids. You won’t find a better teacher in the tri-state area.”


- Aaron Rubin


“Undoubtedly the best taekwondo instruction around! Master Malarkey helped transform my children’s confidence and skills which has helped tremendously with bullying issues. His commitment as a martial artist and leader is evident and translates both on and off the mat.”


- Y Hall


“Master Malarkey is fantastic! He’s very friendly and knows his practice. Nothing but the utmost respect!”


- Joanna Calle


"Come for the training in self-defense – you won’t find a better instructor than Master Malarkey. But you will stay for the full enrichment of mind, body, and spirit that Master Malarkey brings to living and breathing the principles of Taekwon-do."


- Dewar MacCleod, Author, Professor of History at William Paterson University, & 4th degree black belt 

Making the Scene in the Garden State



"Make sure y'all follow (Instagram) @masterchrismalarkey, Master teacher right here. If you're interested in learning martial arts, boxing, and just how to defend yourself in general. Hit my bro, he's official." (COVID-19 student)


 - J. (COVID-19)



"I have been training with Chris for a few months now and I see constant growth and development. He is patient and is constantly pushing me to elevate myself. Coming from boxing to TaeKwon-Do, I am able to connect some of the footwork concepts due to Chris’ ability to bridge the two. He's definitely well versed and skilled in his art." (COVID-19 student)


 - Lamont, Izzy's Boxing & Fitness



Head Boxer. Certified Personal trainer by National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), and registered Olympic Amateur boxer and coach.



"You are who you surround yourself with” & “time is your most valuable asset” are two sayings that continue to ring true throughout my life. As I strive to be the best version of myself I am constantly looking to surround myself with people who inspire me through passion, dedication, hard work, intelligence, and success. 


When training with Chris, you’re going to receive world class martial arts instruction with both practical application & fitness benefits.. and it will be a tough and great workout!! But to be honest that’s not even the main reason I go out of my way to train with him whenever possible...


Chris has the intangible X factor quality of someone who is going to accomplish his dreams no matter what it takes... 

of someone who is going to be successful no matter what challenges come his way.. with the principals and character of someone I would want training my future son or daughter and playing an role in shaping their character. 


He has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft, and is one of the best martial artists I’ve met. He also has a true gift for

 teaching others... but more than anything else if you spend time around this man and his energy you will inherit his “elevate everything” demeanor, and you really can’t put a price tag on that.”


- Garrett Mitchell (COVID-19)


  Director of Sales & Marketing at Insurance Express.com 


 Rocket Flood & LinkedIn

"Working with Master Malarkey changed my life not only with boxing, with respect; ways how to respect my mom and become a better person for my mom. With boxing, just the technique and the dedication - just overall a great boxing coach." - Daniel Cruz

"Master Malarkey is one of the best instructors I've known to have for my son. He is very smart and knows what he is focused on, is very patient, and keeps everything together."

Kristen DeBiase

"[Master Malarkey] has been an inspiration to my son and family for the past 14 years. You have shown my son how to focus, be strong, and work hard. You have always treated us like family. It's a blessing to have such a positive role model in my son's life. We always enjoy watching you teach and demonstrate your amaxzing skills!"

Jamie Lyn

"I started TKD following being attacked in kindgergarten by a 2nd grader. I remember feeling completely powerless as he pummeled me with punches. 

From the moment I met Master Chris Malarkey (then Instructor Malarkey) I looked up to him. Master Malarkey has a captivating energy of both confidence and kindness. Before he said anything, solely through his actions, he established himself to me as the leader of our dojang behind Master Marr.

As I rose through the color belts, I always remember turning to him before my promotion tests to train me. We would drill patterns in the side room and he would help me with my form on the board breaks.

He showed deep dedication to Taekwon-Do. He also was the only person tall enough to hold my boards during my exam. He challenged me from a young age to strive for perfection and excellence in class. He believed in me at a time where I did not believe in myself and that feeling stuck with me. He wanted what was best for me and always made the time to be there for me no matter what.

When I received my junior Black Belt in April 2013, it became one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. However, I started highschool a few months later and playing sports in both the fall and spring seasons was too much of a committment to continue my training. 

I had dreams where I returned to TKD. It was hard sometimes seing my peers posting on social media their promotions knowing at one time I was on pace with them.

The next time I got a chance to speak with Master Malarkey was at my highschool senior prom about a month before graduation. He greeted me with open arms and it was so amazing to see him. We exchanged contact information and I knew then and there my journey with TKD was still unfinished and when I did return I wanted to do so under my favorite practitioner : Master Chris Malarkey." 

- Alex Tsemberis, 1st degree black belt 

"I've had a great experience with [Master Malarkey] as an instructor. As a student, I appreciated  the patience you showed whenever a technique proved challenging. Then when I understood and could repeat the technique, you pushed me not to settle. You helped me execute movements, understand the reason why I was doing certain movements. I will always cherish each experience and often think of those times and implementing what you taught me in everyday life. To persevere.  Have indomidable spirit. Would and have recommended him whenever someone is looking to enroll in Taekwon-Do. Thank you Master Malarkey for all you have done!"

- Bethany Mar, 3rd degree black belt

"Master Malarkey embodies everything that martial arts should be. He is an unbelievable instructor and an even better role model for kids. You won't find a better teacher in the TriState area."

- Aaron Rubin, Film director & producer 

"My son was very shy and we decided to enroll him in Taekwon-Do. Master Malarkey is very good and strong  which helps a lot in the training of students. He is more than a Taekwon-do instructor, because he teaches all his students values ​​such as respect, punctuality, honesty, & responsibility. The prices are accessible and worth it.
My son is now a green ribbon and wants to continue.
It is a highly recommended school."

- Ruben Espinosa

"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or better teacher as a first time student. Master Malarkey makes the school feel like a community and is invested in the success of every student."

- Jenny Ni, College student

"I as a psychologist recomend practicing taekwondo for a variety of reasons:

1. Neuroflexibility
2. Focus
3. Cognitve development
4. Integrity
5. Discipline
6. Attention
7. Relaxing and rejuvenating

Master Malarkey is the number one (1).

Great job congratulations Master Malarkey!"

- Alejandro Arcila, Psychologist 

"I've known Chris for about half my life and he is by far one of the best instructors I've ever had. His commitment to his sport is unrivaled and he exudes passion in everything he does. Chris was the instructor I needed growing up. He helped me not only to be confident in my own traiing and skills but in life as well. I was constantly inspired to try my hardest and i can't thank him enough for that. Anyone who decides to train with Master Malarkey is in good hands."

Christo Apostolou, Professional Photographer 

"Master Malarkey is an amazing teacher. He is patient  and makes the classes fun! I would definitely recommend him for kids and adults." 

- Yolanda V. 

"My son has been studying with Master Malarkey for several years. His journey lead him to ultimately being awarded a black belt degree. Master Malarkey taught him skills such as strength, honor, discipline, and integrity. Highly recommend."

- Beverley Esquerre

"Master Malarkey - i am so proud of XXX since he has been attending your dojang. He takes TKD very seriously. He has evolved in his patterns and is improving. XXX told me he never thought he would earn a green belt and enjoys meeting with the other kids and you correct him with discipline if he does not do something correctly. We are happy and will continue to support a place that's not just a dojang but a family."

- Kisha Wright, Career Educator